Amethyst Activities

Children’s Sports Program

The program is due to start on Monday, June 29th this year. The program leader, Stephanie Marler, would like to schedule a parents' meeting on the day before on Sunday, June 28th at 3:00 pm for the purposes of familiarizing parents with this years' program.

Setting up for youth sailing in South Bay, Amethyst Harbour.

Tennis Courts

AHCA has a set of three fenced tennis courts located next to the ball field. The courts have recently been repaved and are in excellent condition. The courts are well used in throughout the summer season by members and their guests. The association offers tennis lessons in the children's program as well as coaching for adults.

Main Dock

AHCA owns the Main Dock in South Bay. The dock is used daily in the summer months for swimming lessons, and as a convenient stopping place for local boaters and visiting boaters.

There is a fee of $20.00 per day, or a dollar per foot (whichever is greater) for boats parking overnight at the dock.

A launching ramp is also available immediately to the left of the dock. It is for the use of members. A launching fee (including haul) of $10.00 is charged to non-members. Haul is included in the fee. Members of AHCA are not required to pay an ongoing launch and haul fee. Please note that a launch monitor may be contacted at 628-4737, or 473-6220.

Social Events

Through the Social Chairman, Shelley Crawford, the Association holds a number of events during the warmer part of the year. These include community get-togethers held in the new Gazebo.

Ball Park

The ball field has always been located just off the South Bay Road, next to the tennis courts. It is the scene of many exciting ball games during the summer months, both between member teams and against other beaches, as well as soccer matches, the annual Sports Weekend and many more activities.

Badminton and Pickle Ball Courts

There are three badminton courts across from the tennis courts. These are currently in use for Pickle ball, which is enjoyed by many members as an alternative to tennis.

Amethyst Harbour gazebo at the ball park.


This is a new structure which provides a shelter for sports activities on rainy days, serves as an excellent meeting place, and is the location of our summer socials. The gazebo encompasses an area of approximately 40 ft. by 40 ft. and is, of course, octagonal in shape.

Garbage Collection

Garbage Collection</strong> is carried out weekly by the Association on Saturday mornings, during July and August. Recycling is also part of the program.